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Why Is New York City Government Putting American Students Last?

By January 11, 2024No Comments

American schools are for American students, not unvetted hoards of illegals. The City of New York and Mayor Eric Adams and his administration, however, did not receive this memo. With barely any notice to James Madison High School and zero notice to elected representatives and the community, on Tuesday, January 9, the high school opened its doors to nearly 2,000 illegals, kicking out American students and forcing them to revert to COVID-era virtual classes.

These illegals were bussed in droves from their tent shelter in Floyd Bennett Field (a park they are occupying at the behest of the Biden Regime) due to predictions of inhospitable climate conditions. Demonstrating that American institutions put illegals first and Americans last will only incentivize further invasion by these hordes. While we acknowledge that women and children might have been placed in uncomfortable circumstances during the storm, Americans must not suffer for their comfort.

In effect, we, as a city, are articulating that American children don’t matter nearly as much as those who entered our country illegally. Our wholly incompetent mayor and city leadership have demonstrated that the welfare of our children must take a backseat to that of children from elsewhere. It is America last. Americans last. And it renders our citizenship meaningless.

We commonly hear the old platitude that “our children are the future.” However, not even that rings true anymore. We must, as a city and a nation, grapple with the question: Should we prioritize the education and welfare of our citizens or those of the invaders who disregarded our laws at the border? Make no mistake about it: the New York Young Republican Club stands firmly with Americans and their rights first. We are and always must remain America First. If the illegals don’t want their hair tousled in the wind, they can go back where they came from posthaste.