The New York Young Republican Club has caucuses that advocate for representation of their respective interests in the Club and Republican Party. We invite our members to become more active in our caucuses to promote Republican ideals throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

Any group of five Voting Members of the Club may petition the Board of Governors to charter a Caucus to forward ideas, advance an issue, represent a constituency, endorse candidates, or propose resolutions.

If you wish to join a caucus, please email the caucus’s chairman or chairwoman or make a submission via the form below.

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Asian Caucus

The Asian Caucus was established to represent the growing Asian population in the New York Metropolitan Area and to promote its growth and representation within the Republican Party. The Republican Party supports key social, cultural, and conservative values that resonate with Asian communities.

  • Chairman: Nicholas J. Tan (
  • Co-Chairwoman: Asha D. Rampertaap
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Joyce Wu
  • Treasurer: Lisa Kao
  • Secretary: Frederick Tran

Black Caucus

  • Chairman: Vacant (
  • Co-Chairwoman: Vacant
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

Hispanic Caucus

The Hispanic Caucus represents Club members whose cultural diversity spans across 20 countries. The Caucus’ primary purpose is to unite Hispanic Americans towards one cause; to grow their presence within the Republican Party.

  • Chairman: Gabriel E. Montalvo (
  • Co-Chairman: Fernando Acosta Jr.
  • Vice-Chairman: Desi J. Cuellar
  • Treasurer: Also J. Solares
  • Recording Secretary: Andres A. Aguilar
  • Corresponding Secretary: Denice Flores Almendares

Veterans Caucus

The Veterans Caucus represents Club members who served in the military, are veterans of foreign wars, or are part of veteran families. The Caucus fosters community and purpose and advocates for the presence of veterans and their interests in the Republican Party.

  • Chairman: Jason G. Loughran (
  • Vice-Chairman: Troy M. Olson
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant