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The New York Young Republican Club has caucuses that advocate for representation of their respective interests in the Club and Republican Party. We invite our members to become more active in our caucuses to promote Republican ideals throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

Any group of five Voting Members of the Club may petition the Board of Governors to charter a Caucus to forward ideas, advance an issue, represent a constituency, endorse candidates, or propose resolutions.

If you wish to join a caucus, please email the caucus’s chairman or chairwoman or make a submission via the form below.

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Arts Caucus

The Arts Caucus was established to represent Club members involved in the arts, including music, dance, film, theater, visual, and literary arts. We seek to advance conservative values and representation in the arts through arts-focused events and initiatives. Arts professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts are all welcome.

  • Chairman: Brent A. Morden (
  • Vice-Chairman: Frank J. Filocomo
  • Treasurer: Joanna A. Estanislao
  • Secretary: Kenan Wei
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Tristan A. Campbell

Asian Caucus

The Asian Caucus was established to represent the growing Asian population in the New York Metropolitan Area and to promote its growth and representation within the Republican Party. The Republican Party supports key social, cultural, and conservative values that resonate with Asian communities.

  • Chairman: Nicholas J. Tan (
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Lisa M. Kao
  • Treasurer: Heidi Chan-Sarantopoulos
  • Secretary: Vacant
    • Education Committee:
      • Chairman: Luke A. Wong
    • Policy Committee:
      • Chairwoman: Vacant
    • Campaigns Committee:
      • Chairwoman: Lisa M. Kao

Black Caucus

The Black Caucus serves as a forum for black members of the Club and their allies who support the Judeo-Christian principles that serve as the foundation of America’s founding documents and the Republican Party’s platform. We will engage, educate, and promote these principles, which have historically have been held by the black community-at-large.

  • Chairman: Adam W. Alexander Solis Sr. (
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Daniella M. May
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Secretary: Jude A. Somefun

Catholic Caucus

The Catholic Caucus was built to ensure the representation of Catholics as a voting bloc in the Republican party.  About one-third of New York City identifies with the Catholic Church, a number about evenly split between white and Hispanic voters. Historically, Catholics have played a major role in shaping New York culture, not to mention the foundational principles of our modern civilization. As a party defending religious freedom and traditional values, the GOP stands with the long-cherished traditions of the Catholic faith.

  • Chairman: Michael A. Caprio (
  • Vice-Chairman: Luke F. Colle
  • Treasurer: Nicholas T. Rafael Jr.
  • Corresponding Secretary: Michael R. Bartels
  • Recording Secretary: Christopher A. Ryan

Hispanic Caucus

The Hispanic Caucus represents Club members whose cultural diversity spans across 20 countries. The Caucus’ primary purpose is to unite Hispanic Americans towards one cause; to grow their presence within the Republican Party.

  • Chairman: Argilio J. Rodriguez (
  • Co-Chairman: Adam W. Alexander Solis Sr.
  • Vice-Chairman: Francisco Eliezer Marte II
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Recording Secretary: Joanna A. Estanislao
  • Corresponding Secretary: Vacant

Labor Caucus

The mission of the Labor Caucus is to promote unionism, patriotism, and pro-worker policies at all levels of government and to educate anyone unfamiliar with the importance of unions and their ties to helping build the American middle class.

  • Chairman: Brian P. Hart (
  • Vice-Chairman: Geovanny V. Bautista
  • Treasurer: James M. Rice
  • Recording Secretary: Jon A. Berbenick II
  • Corresponding Secretary: CJ Chavez
  • Executive Secretary: Steven G. Maniaci

Libertarian Caucus

The Libertarian Caucus was formed to promote individual liberty, free markets, and limited government in the Club. We are the caucus of personal responsibility, the Constitution, and civil rights for all Americans. While bureaucrats and tyrants forget why this country was founded, it is up to us to keep Liberty alive in the United States.

  • Chairman: Lucas C. Federico  (
  • Vice-Chairman: Michael A. Caprio
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

New Jersey Caucus

The New Jersey Caucus was established to represent the New Jersey members of the Club. The caucus strives to promote conservative values within New Jersey and the larger Republican Party. The Caucus is a launching point to develop a larger stake in the New Jersey Political landscape, through events, canvassing, and other political activities.

  • Chairman:  Abe Milrom (
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Alecsa Follender
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Recording Secretary: Vacant
  • Corresponding Secretary: Vacant

Queens Caucus

The Queens Caucus was established to represent the members of the Club who reside in the borough of Queens and will serve as a platform to galvanize the sizable population of conservative young people in this oft-overlooked, underrated, and underrepresented outer borough. The Caucus is committed to advancing the deeply-rooted conservative values that exist within Queens and advancing the values of the broader Republican Party. Utilizing events, canvassing, and other political activities, the Queens Caucus will serve as a catalyst to broaden the Club’s impact in the Queens political landscape.

  • Chairman: Stefano L. Forte (
    • Advisory Committee:
      • Chairman: Brent A. Morden
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Alexis C. Winters
  • Executive Secretary: Konstantinos Poulidis
  • Treasurer: John M. Kyriakides
  • Recording Secretary: Carlos A. Genao
  • Corresponding Secretary: Mario J. Nicoletto
    • Campaigns Committee:
      • Chairman: Michael A. Caprio

Veterans Caucus

The Veterans Caucus represents Club members who served in the military, are veterans of foreign wars, or are part of veteran families. The Caucus fosters community and purpose and advocates for the presence of veterans and their interests in the Republican Party.

  • Chairman: Mike Munoz (
  • Vice-Chairman: Nate Henderson
  • Treasurer: Thomas Gao
  • Recording Secretary: Paxton G. Cane
  • Corresponding Secretary: Brian Kovac
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Jason Kovacic

Women's Caucus

The Women’s Caucus strives to represent the interests of the conservative female demographic in order to further engage women in the Republican Party and retake control of the narrative surrounding women’s issues. The Radical Left has appropriated public discourse to suggest that dealing with women’s issues is anti-conservative, when, in reality, conservatism is at the basis of female empowerment and femininity in general. The Women’s Caucus hosts a variety of events and initiatives for Republican women in New York City and the greater metropolitan area.

  • Chairwoman: Nicole Kiprilov (
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Lisa M. Kao
  • Recording Secretary: Hayley M. Prudente
  • Corresponding Secretary: Joanna A. Estanislao