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Thank you for taking the time to engage with the New York Young Republican Club; we value Republican public and party officials and candidates who demonstrate their commitment to young people and conservatism by taking the time to seek our endorsement. We help our endorsed candidates run for office by providing digital, structural, strategic, and on-the-ground grassroots campaign support.

The Club’s Board of Governors may endorse by majority vote a candidate in any city, statewide, or national race provided that such candidate has either registered as a Republican at the time of endorsement or is running as a Republican. The Club has no policy against endorsing during a Republican primary election or in an intraparty leadership race.

We use this application to inform our view of candidates, their backgrounds, and their positions. There are no leading questions; we seek your honest and straightforward views and do not aim to elicit any particular response.

We may request that candidates meet with our Board of Governors or Campaigns Committee in person after submission of this application, especially in races where multiple candidates have applied for our endorsement. We prioritize endorsing members of our organization over non-members.

1 Step 1
Is the candidate a member?
Is the candidate a registered Republican?
Does the candidate support the objects and platform of the Club?
Is the candidate an incumbent, challenger, or is this an open seat?
Is the candidate already on the ballot?
Does the candidate have a primary opponent?
Has the candidate run for office before?
Has the candidate held public or party office before?