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Trump’s Unmistakable Victory

By June 29, 2024No Comments

What is there to say?

Thursday night might have been President Donald J. Trump’s best debate performance yet, and it was undoubtedly Joe Biden’s worst. 

The American people were presented with a clear binary: on one hand, we had a cogent and forceful candidate in President Trump espousing a clear vision of American prosperity. On the other, we had a doddering shell of a decrepit old man in Joe Biden, who exuded unbearable cringe and his customarily shocking ineptitude.

While President Trump offered listeners plenty of great policy prescriptions, from how to curtail illegal immigration to ways to bring industry back to America, the main takeaway of the night was Joe Biden’s chronic brain-melt. It’s sad to say, but this man is unable to function outside the confines of a taxpayer-sponsored nursing home, let alone lead this great nation. His glazed-over, thousand-yard stare, coupled with his incoherent murmuring, was a sad reminder of his deeply confused state and steep cognitive decline. There is nothing positive to take away from his pitiful performance. 

This is not a decision, as many have characterized it, as a “lesser of two evils.” Rather, it is a decision between a tried and true leader, President Donald J. Trump, and a regime vessel for an unelected and unaccountable corps of elites that proudly rejects its basic duties to American citizens in favor of service to the interests of a dastardly cabal.

The choice is clear. Vote Trump.