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The Trinity School Must Open Their Books

By September 4, 2022No Comments

In light of Trinity School’s prompt suspension of Jennifer “Ginn” Norris, the New York Young Republican Club will be delaying its protest at the school scheduled for Tuesday, September 6. We will continue to monitor the progress of Trinity’s investigation, and we look forward to Norris’s prompt termination after its conclusion.

Project Veritas has done incredible work identifying bad actors in the New York area, but its mission cannot be complete until every witness to illegal and unethical behavior at schools comes forward. Raising children who support shared American values must be of paramount importance to our schools, and the malignant rot of leftist administrators distrusting that mission will not be tolerated.

Alongside its well-known, storied history, Trinity has been home to much sordid behavior in recent decades, only a fraction of which has made it to press. We advise the school to take this opportunity to “open its books” and explain to the public at large how the school’s administration will rectify its current predicament. If Trinity values, as they so claim, “respect, open inquiry, and belonging,” they must keep the public apprised of their remediation plan and the steps they will take to ensure students have access to multiple viewpoints.

We anticipate announcing further activist initiatives in support of children’s fundamental rights in the near future.