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The New York Young Republican Club Congratulates Speaker Mike Johnson & Commends Congressman Marc Molinaro’s Commitment to Unite the House Republican Conference

By October 26, 2023No Comments

Yesterday, the House Republican Conference elected Congressman Mike Johnson Speaker of the House who will represent the American people with unwavering dedication. Just like Congressman Gaetz’s courage to take the first monumental and most pivotal step, Congressman Molinaro put his career on the line to challenge the status quo, thought outside the box & maneuvered brilliantly to ensure the House elected a principled Conservative to the Office of Speaker.

Congressman Molinaro went against the grain to unify the Republican Party putting the American People first leading the majority to elect Congressman Mike Johnson from the great state of Louisiana unanimously as the Speaker. He put his country first before the “D.C. Machine” just as he has done his entire career.

Congressman Johnson’s vision of unity within the House Republican Conference is a testament to his leadership and his genuine concern for the well-being of every American citizen.

In a time when political divisions often seem insurmountable, Congressman Molinaro’s efforts shine as a beacon of hope. His ability to bridge differences and seek common ground reflects his statesmanship and commitment to a stronger, more united Republican Conference. Congressman Johnson as Speaker will benefit our nation’s national security, restore law and order within our cities and put America First. He has exemplified these qualities since he first arrived at the People’s House.

The New York Young Republican Club congratulates Speaker Johnson for his exemplary dedication to the American People. We wholeheartedly support his mission and believe that his courage, conviction, and vision will lead to a more prosperous future for our nation.