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Supreme Court hits then misses on mandates

By January 13, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club applauds the Supreme Court’s conservative majority standing firm for the freedoms of Americans for striking down the OSHA COVID-19 vax-or-mask mandate for businesses with over 100 employees. Not only did the mandate trample on the personal and religious freedoms of millions of Americans, but it  also has been a contributor to the supply chain and inflationary issues the country is facing. With shelves bare and workers losing their jobs over a vaccine that has been unable to reduce COVID-19 transmission, the Biden Administration has shown they’re more interested in controlling Americans than solving the most pressing issues we face. 

The New York Young Republican Club is also disappointed in the Supreme Court allowing the mandate for healthcare workers to stay in effect with the rationale that hospitals are recipients of federal funds. Even though we have a conservative Supreme Court majority, they have been unwilling to limit an ever-more encroaching government. This go-around of Americans’ rights under the guise of the government allowing strings attached with federal dollars shows the necessity to permanently reduce government spending and reduce the government’s ever-growing role in our economy.  

The importance of the Supreme Court can never be understated, and but for President Donald J. Trump’s three successful Supreme Court Justice confirmations, the OSHA mandate would likely have remained in effect. We continue to be vigilant over the nomination process onto the federal bench and look forward to the [Thomas] Court’s upcoming decisions this session.