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Supporting the Hasidic Community

By October 8, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club admonishes in the strongest possible terms the radical and inconsistent enforcement actions undertaken by New York City under the direction of Mayor Bill de Blasio to crack down on Jewish worshippers exercising their faith during Sukkot, an important holiday.

The rights of all Americans to assemble, whether in religious celebration or protest, cannot and should not be infringed and even in a global pandemic can be observed with the proper safeguards and health awareness. New York City leadership continues to exhibit its priorities by allowing extremism from left to continue unabated and un-policed, from blocking streets and bridges to looting and rioting, while not hesitating to condemn and disturb the peaceful exercise of Jews’ religious rites. Such arbitrary application of regulations and safeguards under the guise of public health and safety reeks of selective priority and in a time when so many have died, while some turn to government and progressivism as a religion for comfort, others turn to God and de Blasio should not stand in the way. De Blasio should be ashamed of himself, but perhaps even before coronavirus, he was always wearing a mask for what his true aims in this city are.