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Supporting Officer Brian D. Sicknick

By January 12, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is unreservedly committed to our core values of Law and Order. This nation’s law enforcement officers shoulder the burden to enforce this fundamental structure of civilization on a people naturally inclined to disorder and unruliness.

On Wednesday, January 6, US Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick died during an inappropriate, immoral, and illegal incursion into the US Capitol. Officer Sicknick physically engaged with a group of rowdy invaders and sustained injuries from which he later succumbed. Prior to his role with the US Capitol Police, Officer Sicknick served as a staff sergeant with the New Jersey Air National Guard, including on deployment for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Officer Sicknick joins a far-too-large group of law enforcement officers who have been injured protecting property and lives over the past year from disorderly mobs. We mourn each of these officers, and we fully condemn all violent and disorderly protest activity irrespective of the political affiliation of the perpetrators.

The individuals who committed this crime must be identified and subject to full prosecution for their role in Officer Sicknick’s death. The New York Young Republican Club has made a contribution of $250 to Officer Sicknick’s family.