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Support YRNF Chairman Rick Loughery

By August 6, 2020No Comments

Several weeks ago, Young Republican National Chairman Rick Loughery walked into the emergency room after suffering from a bad stomach flu.  He woke up the next morning in the hospital and could no longer walk.  He has been there ever since.

In response to his stomach flu, Rick’s immune system attacked his spinal cord and paralyzed him from the waist down.  He has been through numerous medical treatments to get rid of the antibodies attacking his spine and is actively working on the enormous challenge of regaining his mobility.  After weeks in the hospital, the doctors diagnosed Rick with a rare neurological disorder called transverse myelitis. This disorder is not genetic, its onset can be sudden (like it was for Rick) and it is so rare that annual incidence of transverse myelitis ranges from 1.34 to 4.60 cases per million in the United States. To say this was an unexpected, life-changing event for Rick is an understatement.

As you can imagine, treatment has been expensive and since Rick is unable to work he could use all of the financial support he can get.  Your generosity can help lighten the load, so that he can focus on his recovery.  Your kind donation will go directly to pay Rick’s medical bills and to help him deal with the financial repercussions of his current condition.

The New York Young Republican Club has already donated $250 to this effort.

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