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Opposition To Convicted Felons Serving On Juries

By May 9, 2019December 20th, 2019No Comments

The New York Young Republicans stand firmly against the New York State Senate’s vote to allow convicted felons to serve as jurors.

Believing that felons should serve on a jury is believing that Judith Clark, who killed two police officers and a Brinks security guard; Christoper Thomas, who killed ten people in what is known as the Palm Sunday Massacre; and Herman Bell, who lured two cops with a fake 911 call to their deaths, could serve as impartial jurors. It’s the wrong outcome for the citizens of our great city and will destroy the credibility of our criminal justice system.

The legislature has, once again, proven itself willing to dishonor and disrespect the victims of heinous crimes and make a mockery of our criminal justice system to pander for votes in the latest liberal cri de coeur.