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Statement on the Events of April 12th, 2022

By April 13, 2022No Comments

In ordinary times, the morning news that your lieutenant governor has been arrested for bribery, and since has resigned, would be the story of the day—but not in New York and tragically not on April 12th, 2022.

The New York Young Republican Club’s thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, and all of those affected by the attempted mass killing on the New York City subway on Tuesday. We further hope that the immediate focus stays there and on bringing the vile criminal perpetrator to justice, who has since been arrested. We do not expect this, though.

The pattern of Democrat behavior from Mayor Adams up to President Biden is to refer to “shootings” instead of “attempted murder”, “murder” and “killing,” and to shift the focus to “gun control” immediately. Dishonesty on the root causes of media headlines allows them to manipulate a situation to meet their ends. They know how to win power, gaslight, and control people with fear and radical empathy that is ultimately a manipulative narrative more than it is compassionate and productive.

Tuesday, for reasons we do not yet fully know and will not speculate about until more information is known, a human being, a criminal, decided to forever alter the lives of New York families.

We are not in ordinary times—we are in hard times. And hard times require strong, smart, and transparent leadership for our city and state.

Bail reform and progressive DAs who oversee turnstile justice that prioritizes criminals over victims are not strong and smart. Backing street activists, looking the other way while riots happen in our cities with “defund the police” slogans and then denying such riots occurred when the poll results come in is cowardly and unprincipled leadership. It’s not leadership at all. We cannot go on like this. We cannot keep taking civilization for granted with the same people, one-party rule, and the same nonsense sloganeering and circular logic.

Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and our recently arrested, resigned, and now former Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin are not leaders. They are cosplay politicians playing their part while our society crumbles.

We here at the New York Young Republican Club advocate common-sense policies but courageous, bold, and strong leadership in hard times, and we invite all New Yorkers and Americans who want to help preserve the safety of our communities, culture, and civilization to join us in this cause.