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Statement on the Death of Jordan Neely and “Progressive” Persecution of an American Marine

By May 6, 2023No Comments

The eyes of the country will soon be on New York City, and it is up to our community whether we want to ruin things further, as Minneapolis-St Paul in Minnesota did in 2020. The New York Young Republican Club believes instead that our nation ought to return to civil society and civilization despite the best efforts of “progressive” leaders to opt for continued madness and anarcho-tyranny.

The New York Young Republican Club stands for the fair and impartial administration of Justice and the rule of law. We are adamantly opposed to being judge, trial, and jury in the know-nothing Court of mob justice before facts have been gathered and investigations have been conducted.

Jordan Neely’s recent death was avoidable, and it occurred because the elected officials in this City all too often demonize and advocate for defunding the police to the point of demoralization so great that it has imperiled day-to-day public safety.

People do not feel safe in New York City. They are not allowed to carry firearms, the police will not come to their aid in time, and, as Manhattan DA Bragg showed with his attempt to charge Jose Alba for murder, self-defense is not available to citizens and their families; that is the message reverberating in each of the five boroughs. Criminals are elevated above victims and law-abiding citizens, unless one happens to have the wrong skin color. Because of this rhetoric, race relations have been sent back decades in this country, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is on life support.

Another narrative we expect to see because the Marine Veteran is white and the late Jordan Neely is black, is that this death is a symptom of grave injustice where black men are being targeted.

The facts show that the vast majority of crime is intraracial rather than interracial. White Americans are 12 times more likely to be a victim of crime by black offenders than black Americans are by white offenders.

All eyewitness reports to this point have shown that Jordan Neely was verbally and physically dangerous to others in the moments leading up to his death, and it took three people to restrain him. Neely is known from past behavior to have been dangerous, including toward others on subways, and many stories have surfaced attesting to this. What he needed was help and treatment from the vast billions spent on mental health services in this City, but seemingly never delivered in a timely manner by our nonprofit industrial complex.

In the coming weeks and months, the mob will ask for the head of a Marine Veteran, and a corrupt D.A. will likely give the mob what it wants before they move on to the next hysterical conquest.

This will not end until we get the leaders we need rather than the ones we want or deserve.

Make no mistake, New York City has been Gotham for a few years now, and if you don’t see that, it’s because you live in a cloistered world or are paid not to notice.