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Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election and the American Democratic Process

By November 6, 2020November 7th, 2020No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club stands with pride and without equivocation against the Democrats and their allied media machine as they attempt to cheat the American people out of a free and fair election in their continued campaign to malign and discredit President Donald J Trump.

Our Club’s mission statement has long called for us “to promote honest and fair electoral methods, to the end that the expression of the popular will by whatever party or body, shall be as free, untrammeled and equal as possible.” This mission drove us to fight against Democrats and their corrupt Tammany Hall institution a century ago, and today we continue to carry the mantle of respect for the American people’s will. We will never abandon our mission to ensure that the American people receive rightful respect from government institutions.

For too long, the United States has relied on the law of large numbers to govern its elections. Instances of alleged fraud tend never to be investigated; they are deemed to have an immaterial impact with no comprehensive justification. At the same time, issues with the American voting process pervade each aspect of it.

From voter registration to actual voting to the security of ballots to the tabulation and aggregation of results, American voting has systemic flaws. No regulated institution would be permitted to have such a lax control environment over its governance process; we believe that the government must hold itself to the same standard.

President Trump and his representatives have raised credible allegations of fraud. They have initiated legal proceedings against state governments too inept to handle their own processes fairly. These state governments have made the United States a laughingstock.

We call on all Republicans, particularly those elected or re-elected, to help President Trump defend the integrity of the American people’s votes. Republican legislators owe their positions to President Trump and his leadership, and, in his time of need, they must stand by him without wavering. Republicans and the American people at large demand and deserve nothing less.

The New York Young Republican Club condemns the use of an eighteenth-century voting process operating in a society that leverages twenty-first-century communication technology. We encourage the federal government to enact legislation that mandates the following for all federal elections:


  • Voting may be undertaken exclusively by American citizens who have attained eighteen years of age on or before Election Day.
  • Voters shall be purged from voting rolls after not voting in two consecutive general elections.
  • Voter registration shall be contingent on the completion of a standardized English-language civics exam.
  • Persons convicted of a felony (or an equivalent state-level crime) cannot vote
  • Voting instructions and materials shall be provided exclusively in English. Translation services are prohibited from operating at polling sites.
  • Voter outreach and inducement to vote by non-governmental organizations or corporate entities or their representatives shall be prohibited except for political parties or their non-profit designees. Federal, state, and local representatives shall take necessary action to inform voters of election dates and deadlines.
  • All voting except for active-duty members of the armed forces shall be conducted exclusively in-person at each voter’s designated polling place on Election Day.
  • Voters’ fingers shall be marked with indelible ink upon voting.
  • Ballot formats shall be standardized for all elections, and ballots shall have unique identifying characteristics to increase traceability.
  • Voters’ biometric information shall be captured at registration and stored in a centralized database. Biometric information shall be checked at the time of voting and shall be linked to a ballot’s unique identifier.
  • Ballots shall be tabulated through standardized technology; states and municipalities shall make requisite purchases of federally-designated equipment.
  • An annual review shall take place of voter rolls to confirm their accuracy. Inaccurate or outdated entries shall be removed from the rolls.
  • A standardized process shall be established whereby voters’ who register at a new address in a different state are automatically removed from their prior voter roll.
  • Any American who tampers with the integrity of the vote shall be charged under sedition laws. Any foreign person who tampers with the integrity of the vote shall be charged under espionage laws.
  • States shall be required to allow armed representatives of federal law enforcement to inspect all aspects of the voting process.
  • States shall be required to allow an equal number of representatives of all parties featured on a ballot to inspect all aspects of the voting process.
  • Vote tabulation must be completed by 11:59:59 pm on Election Day in a state’s respective time zone.
States may be compelled to apply the above guidelines to state and local elections as necessary through the withholding of all federal funds.