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Statement on Support for Israel’s Actions in the Gaza Strip

By October 7, 2023October 9th, 2023No Comments

This morning, Israel, faced with blows from opponents in the Gaza Strip, showed what a nation that believes in borders and itself can do. When informed that a few hundred militants had infiltrated its ranks and a few hundred more had entered its nation, Israel responded with overwhelming force and a declaration that the Jewish people have a right to exist and defend their homeland against invasion. The West and its allies stood alongside Israel in condemning Palestinian justifications for this violence. The basis of those claims, that Palestinians have been subject to “human rights” violations, is rapidly fact-checked. The world is reminded that the Jewish people have a right to exist. Anti-Israel activists have spread footage showing Israeli civilians mutilated or killed, underscoring the tenuous state of their existence when the Gaza border’s impenetrability has been challenged.

In contrast to Israel, which is thousands of miles from American soil and has the loyal support of our government, the powers that be cannot seem to reconcile the United States being able to maintain a border or even exist as a cogent people. Not a few hundred or few thousand, but tens of millions have flooded our southern border and communities nationwide—over a hundred thousand in New York City alone. Supporters of Israel’s borders find themselves almost without opposition, a fact that Israel must recognize with pride. Supporters of preserving our free nation, however, find themselves at the receiving end of censorship, criminal prosecution, defamation, and broad deplatforming from every service and industry.

The New York Young Republican Club implores our leaders to lend the same support to their constituents that they proudly give to Israel, and, just as the Jewish people put themselves first, which they must do, we should learn from their example and put America first.