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Statement on Obamagate

By May 14, 2020No Comments

An outgoing Vice President has no business unmasking an individual named in a raw intelligence report, particularly when that person has served his country with honor for decades and is the presumptive National Security Advisor for an incoming president of the opposing political party.

The fact that the American people have only learned of these misdeeds now demands the attention regardless of political affiliation. Top Obama Administration officials made seven unmasking requests between November 30, 2016 and January 11, 2017, when President Donald Trump took office. These desperate, last-minute actions demonstrate their determination to find or manufacture dirt on General Michael Flynn, a prominent Trump supporter and advisor during the 2016 campaign. That speaks volumes. So does Mr. Biden’s blatant lie this week in denying that he was aware of an unmasking. Of course he was aware; he filed a request for it!

The more that one looks at what happened to General Flynn, the clearer his railroading by leading Democrat operatives becomes. A full and immediate investigation is imperative. The American public needs to know why the presumptive Democrat nominee for President in the upcoming 2020 election lied about his involvement in this scurrilous affair