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Statement in Support of Cuban Anti-Government Protestors

By July 13, 2021No Comments

After decades of suffering under the failed socialist policies undertaken by the Cuban government in pursuit of communism, the Cuban people have taken to the streets to demand more economic and personal freedom and an end to the country’s oppressive dictatorship. While protesters gathered to chant for “Liberty” and “Freedom” while waving American flags, our Big Tech overlords and a Biden Administration official pretended that Cuba’s largest protests in decades erupted due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns. It comes as no surprise that the Biden Administration and other Democrats, who loathe celebrating the individual independence afforded to every American, have struggled to come to terms with the anti-communist protests in Cuba. Instead of seizing the opportunity to strongly assert America’s denouncement of communistic governance, President Biden issued an incredibly weak statement on the situation in Cuba, calling on the Cuban regime to “hear” its citizens. Perhaps it is time for President Biden to receive a history lesson on the inner workings of communist dictatorships and their “willingness” to “hear” their people’s concerns.

Unfortunately, it appears President Biden must once again couch his position to appease the far-left contingent of the Democrat Party, who continually embrace socialist policies at home and abroad. These sorry excuses for American politicians altogether have ignored the Cuban people’s calls to end the dictatorship they are living under. Instead, some Democrats, like long-time America-hating Bernie Sanders (who honeymooned in the Soviet Union), have joined the Cuban president himself in blaming the unrest on struggles precipitated by the U.S. embargo and sanctions against the island. The New York Young Republican Club harbors enormous concern with the Biden Administration’s complete lack of leadership and failure to demonstrate tangible support for the Cuban people against their tyrannical government.

Unlike some members of the Democratic Party, most Cubans and Americans know that the current protests are a direct result of an oppressive socialist agenda. Communism has failed to fulfill its promises to the Cuban people, as it has failed time and time again wherever it is implemented. A regime that hews to Marxist principles has not only stifled economic growth and led to mass food shortages in Cuba, but it has also engaged in the killing and torture of thousands of political dissidents. Cuban security forces working for the island nation’s leaders routinely beat and detain dissidents, and their response to the current unrest has been no different. Protesters in Cuba are currently met with violence from police and paramilitary suppression squads. The Cuban government has also shut down the internet to suppress news of the protests from reaching the outside world.

The New York Young Republican Club denounces all violent repression of the Cuban people, who deserve freedom and an opportunity to seek regime change if they so see fit. We express our unwavering support for the courageous people of Cuba and demand that the Biden Administration stand with the protesters in their struggle to create a better future. We want to see tangible action, not wavering milquetoast statements that mollify Democrats like Bernie Sanders and AOC (who have been completely silent on these recent events).