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Stand with Staten Island Against the Invasion

By September 28, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club lauds the indefatigable population of Staten Island in the defense of their homes and borough from the onslaught of illegals thrust upon them in recent months. Well over 100,000 opportunists have journeyed to New York City, funded by shadowy internationalists, to enter our city by the busload and squat in our hotels, nursing homes, and streets. In one case, elderly Korean War veteran Frank Tammaro was removed from a nursing home to squeeze in these foreign freeloaders; we encourage the Italian American Civil Rights League to investigate this travesty. Now, the exemplary working-class citizens of our last decent borough (a largely conservative area) are putting up a fight, and they are winning!

In past weeks, Staten Islanders physically blocked MTA buses, surrounded the buildings our government has put up these migrants in, and made use of megaphones and strobe lights to inform the opportunists that they are not welcome in the neighborhoods of the island. Over 400 protesters rallied outside the shuttered St. John Villa Academy, a former Catholic school in the predominantly Italian Arrochar neighborhood, which had been transformed into a 300-bed makeshift shelter, as locals seethed over what they called “the unceremonious dumping of unvetted migrants” in their neighborhood. The cowardly New York City government sent in policemen to defend the invaders, resulting in the arrest of ten citizens, who were detained mainly for disorderly conduct. If you meet any of those arrestees, shake their hand and offer them a drink!

Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, among others, filed suit against the City government to shut the shelter down. “These ordinary folks wake up one day, they have, you know, migrants living next door to them, there’s nothing to do”, he told the press. “And we’re just being told ‘Tough luck.’ And what we’ve said is Staten Island didn’t cause this problem. Why are we obligated to solve the problem?” The suit was victorious, as Staten Island judge Wayne Ozzi has ordered Mayor Eric Adams to remove migrants from a controversial shelter. (The City is vowing to appeal, setting up another debate over the City’s right to shelter law.)

The New York Young Republican Club has been thoroughly impressed by the gumption of Staten Island. We encourage our members and supporters to take a similar approach of civil disobedience when the migrant swarms appear on their streets. Give them hell! Once the so-called “migrants” are adequately fatigued from sleepless nights and lacking provisions, Guadalajara will not seem as bad they recall. Allow them to stay, and, in twenty years, they and their copious offspring will be playing propaganda videos of the meager fight that had been put up against their arrival and demanding reparations from your pocket for the resultant emotional trauma.

As our great President said, Get ’em out!