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Save the Boer

By August 21, 2023No Comments

On July 29, 90,000 supporters of the Marxist-Leninist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa sang “Kill the Boer” in their tribal tongue at the 10th anniversary rally of the third-largest party in both houses of the South African Parliament. Some lyrics of this chant include “shoot shoot, shoot the Boer, shoot shoot, the cowards are scared, shoot shoot”, accompanied with war shrieks like those from the 1964 film Zulu–clear homicidal ideation for the rising tide of machete-wielding butchers intent on raiding Afrikaner farms and murdering the innocent white South African population. Leading this rally was Julius Malema, known for his calls to “cut the throat of whiteness” and to expropriate white land throughout his faltering nation. Shaka Zulu would sneer at the ignoble state of his free-loading descendants.

Look upon the White Cross Monument of Plaasmorde, which commemorates over 2,500 murdered white farmers. AfriForum, a civil rights NGO established to represent and protect the Afrikaner population, recently published a report tallying 333 farm attacks and 50 farmers killed last year. These represent just a subset of the homicides taking place in South Africa, where an average 75 people of any color are killed daily. In 2022, homicide numbers peaked with 7,000 people murdered in three months. Arrests remain low as an apathetic and incompetent government led by the African National Congress rules like Nero over what was once a thriving first world colony nation, now transformed into a failed state.

It is no secret that the end of the Afrikaner farmers in South Africa will mean an end to infrastructure in the country, where power plants continue to struggle and the 90%+ black population continues to rely on the remaining white population for its food production. On its current trajectory, South Africa is destined to go the way of Rhodesia and become a second Zimbabwean nightmare, with hungry children stacking bricks of hyper-inflated money somehow higher than they were ever stacked in Weimar Germany. Elon Musk, a native of South Africa, has called attention to the plight of his Afrikaner brethren on social media, and we note that his wealth may be put to good use in equipping the Afrikaners to defend themselves in the inevitable Bush War that appears to be on the horizon in South Africa.

The mainstream response to Musk’s X post underscores the pathetic state of discourse on the South African state’s complicity with violence against its white minority. The New York Times claimed that “historians and the left-wing politician who embraces [“Kill the Boer”] say it should not be taken literally.” It goes without saying that what “historians” and an untrustworthy “left-wing politician” say has little value. Even barring the obvious intent behind the mass singing of “Kill the Boer,” its effect has been plain. In recent weeks, there has been a material and horrifying spike in attacks.

The New York Young Republican Club, a longtime friend of AfriForum, stands united with the Afrikaners and denounces the rabid, genocidal EFF and all its fellow travelers in the Republic of South Africa. May God be with the hardworking and imperiled South African farmers!

We look forward to welcoming former AfriForum Chief Executive for Strategy and International Liaison Dr. Ernst Roets, who is now Head of Policy for the Solidarity Movement in South Africa, back to New York soon for updates on this tragic and perilous situation.