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Satan’s Grip on the Biden Regime

By March 30, 2024No Comments

Biden’s regime is a Trojan horse attempt to foist a perverted brand of leftist progressivism on America.

With no religious displays at the White House on Easter Sunday and that most holy day designated as the latest celebration for the trans cult, to whom leftists and academia pander to more than anyone else in our society, make no mistake that the humiliation is the point. Trannies of course return the favor by shooting up Christian schools while the Biden Regime’s FBI runs cover for these sickos.

This is not about Democrat vs. Republican or left vs. right, but rather good vs. evil. 21st-century progressivism has become Satan’s latest mask in his attacks on humanity. We must reject his efforts totally as we double down on our faith, civic traditions, patriotism, and the civilizing forces that lead us to truth, beauty, and cosmic justice.

In this political form of the great battle of our times, the once and future President Donald J. Trump is God’s chosen vessel to deliver us from political evil.