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PSA: Your Government Hates You! 

By December 27, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club would like to remind its members and broader audience of the current numerical reality facing the United States. Our nation’s situation is dire, and it has begun to exhibit the telltale signs of a failed state. What follows below are a few examples. 

In just five days in December, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) processed ~50,000 illegal immigrants, with daily apprehensions thrice surpassing 10,000. This far exceeded the 6,400 illegals/day November average. New York City alone has had its population increase by 130,000 aliens in the last year, the result of benevolent Texans bussing these invaders deeper into their own country. 

Our decades-long border crisis has now exceeded the usual flow of Central America’s traditional peasant class eager to soak up remittance money. Over 9,000 arrests of Senegalese took place in Tucson from October 1 to December 9, while arrests of aliens from Guinea and India both exceeded 4,000. Communist Chinese are also being apprehended in droves. Border Patrol agents have encountered migrants from nearly four dozen Eastern hemisphere countries. CBP policy limits detention to 72 hours, and most of these opportunists and foreign agents are released into the United States with notices to appear in immigration courts, which are backlogged with more than 3 million cases. Truly every corner of the globe is now taking advantage of our weak Southern border to participate in one of the greatest looting sprees and infiltrations of a nation in world history. 

New York City under Mayor Eric Adams has set up more than 200 emergency shelters to house these infiltrators, none of whom are actually “asylum-seekers,” including by renting space (with our tax dollars) in hotels, schools, and new large-scale facilities to house over 65,000 people who should not be here and were likely adequately fed and housed in their birth nations. Eric Adams said he expects the influx to cost taxpayers about $12 billion over the next three years. In response, the City is planning budget cuts to vital services to plug a $7 billion deficit, which could result in canceling five upcoming police academy classes beginning this month.

3,700 officers left the NYPD last year, and there are currently 33,541 officers for 8.1 million New Yorkers in the five boroughs. That’s the lowest number since 1990, when there were 32,451. Cuts are also planned to greatly affect the New York Fire Department’s staffing and the City’s sanitation efforts. Additionally, public libraries in the City are now closed on Sundays because of migrant costs. Our already dirty and dangerous streets and poorly educated citizens are becoming even worse at a quickening pace. These legions of border runners are actively lowering our standard of living. It is supposed to be our government’s job to halt this active threat. The rest of the world’s population is actively siphoning off American resources, encouraged to trek across oceans and deserts to your backyard and to beg for food and money. Our government is not stopping literal desert nomads from slavery-ridden Mauritania, who have no concept at all of Western Civilization or its living practices, from appearing outside our front doors with hands and knives outreached. This is the same government that wants to hurl you into a brutal prison if you shoot any of these raiders in clear self-defense. 

Nearly half of the spending undertaken by our bloated and socialized nation goes to various social welfare programs, which are mainly consumed by immigrants. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the 2022 Survey of Income and Program Participation indicates that 54% of households headed by immigrants (naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants) used one or more major welfare programs, compared to 39% for US-born households. The rate is 59% for non-citizen households (e.g., green card holders and illegal immigrants). Compared to households headed by the US-born, immigrant-headed households have especially high use of food programs (36% vs. 25% for the U.S.-born), Medicaid (37% vs. 25% for the US-born), and the Earned Income Tax Credit (16% vs. 12% for the US-born). At least 59% of households headed by illegal immigrants use at least one major program. Recall also that illegal immigrants can receive welfare on behalf of US-born children, and illegal immigrant children receive school benefits directly.

Our stressed system has already been abused and neglected. Over the next ten-plus years, the Social Security Administration will draw down its reserves as a decreasing number of workers will be paying for an increasing number of beneficiaries. The recent 2022 Social Security Trustees report finds that, in 2034, retirees will start receiving a reduced benefit if Congress does not fix funding issues for the social program. In other words, Social Security will exist after 2034, but retirees will only receive 77% of their full benefit starting then.

Meanwhile, for the younger citizenry, the average cost of a home has climbed from 4x the median household income to 8x or more depending on the region of the US, and both price inflation and shrinkflation have materially lowered product quality and consumer buying power. 

The United States actively functions increasingly like a third-world country in many of its population centers: failing infrastructure, rolling blackouts, trash accumulation, rampant violent crime, seasonal race riots, vicious prisons, favelas and tent cities, poor drinking water, corrupt government officials, rising illiteracy, and myriad other ills predominate. Meanwhile, both Democrats and Republicans have authorized the federal government to give away hundreds of billions more of taxpayer money to foreign powers, including over $70 billion to the Ukrainian kleptocracy, among other needy and greedy fake nations. 

This is not simply mismanagement. This is not simply political silliness and administrative sloppiness. This is insanity. This is the controlled demolition of a society and the infrastructure of a renowned civilization. Barbarians, some of the basest of the world, are pouring over the gates and grabbing whatever they can in this unique free-for-all. 

This is a larger and indirect version of the widespread looting that occurred during the BLM riots, this time carried out by literally countless foreign participants. In history, no country militarized like ours would have stood for this. A border protected by rifle fire and minefields would be a fast and effective deterrent to beggar armies jumping, running, sneaking, and waddling into our country right now. An entirely separate statement could be written about those actively encouraging these poor masses to undertake such a migration (often providing them very specific destinations and incentives within our borders to orient their journey). 

Our ruling class and political establishment, totally unconcerned by this world deluge and hyperfocused on limiting citizens’ constitutional rights and openly mocking and criticizing us, is deluded at best and more likely absolutely malevolent. The common working-class ancestral American is treated as nothing more than an inconvenient beast of burden to be scalped and whipped until the are ingested into the glue factory of our nursing home system

As the demographics and infrastructure of the United States become a far cry from manageable, it is imperative that we elect a dedicated leader who will take drastic action to at least pause this decline. Donald J. Trump, the proud #1 enemy of our ruling socio-political class under the Biden-Kamala regime, is truly our last hope to save America and to look after its actual citizens. 

Your government hates you and is actively hurting you. It is time to change it!