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Past the Point of Anarcho-Tyranny: New York City Pays “Mostly Peaceful Protesters” $10,000 to Commit Violent Crimes

By July 22, 2023No Comments

Being a violent criminal is now a well paying position in New York.

Democrats have already turned New York City into a zoo, but they’re now pushing us past the point of anarcho-tyranny. Bloodthirsty felons and Left-wing rioters are not only excused, but they’re now rewarded money for committing crimes while innocent commuters are imprisoned for self defense.

In a settlement with “activists” and “mostly peaceful” protesters, the city is paying out a total of 13 million dollars overall for an average of 10,000 dollars per “victim” of the “excessive force” used by city law enforcement. 

Is Washington D.C. prepared to pay January 6 protestors for being wrongfully targeted? The BLM rioters killed people and cost the city billions of dollars in damages, yet Democrats want to reward that behavior.

Meanwhile, expressing the wrong opinions in the Democratic People’s Republic of New York will get you rounded up as a violent threat to society. This is what an actual insurrection looks like.

This is all by design. The violent crime and downstream quality of life will only get worse with Democrat encouragement.

While handcuffing actual police officers, New York City is also paying former gang members $95,000 to work as “violence interrupters.” Consider this agent provocateur position the latest idea at $10,000, a “mostly peaceful” protest. These 1099 workers will surely start their union drive within the year for vital protections during the “mostly peaceful” protest season when the weather gets colder.

The New York Young Republican Club completely denounces this politicization of our public safety infrastructure that puts the taxpaying and law-abiding citizenry last, and puts the worst elements of our society first. This is the true insurrection.