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Partnership with the Budapest-based Center for Fundamental Rights

By February 22, 2023No Comments

This Partnership Agreement is made as of the 22nd day of February, 2023 by and between the Center for Fundamental Rights and the New York Young Republican Club with the following intent:

Conservatives around the world are confronted with similar threats. Advocates of left-wing progressivism have turned human rights against the people. They have made radical, extreme demands of the rational majority, and have raised the banner of relativizing the facts inherent in the natural order of things. However, in a type of “immune response” to the growing influence of liberal, neo-Marxist thinking on Western public discourse, a National Conservative resurgence has begun to emerge worldwide.

Although the proponents of globalist liberalism claim that international cooperation between conservative forces is intrinsically unthinkable, we will prove them wrong. An ocean divides us, yet we are confronted with the same politically correct, woke formula in Europe and America. We do not think in terms of supranationalism, but in terms of cooperation between national forces. What we believe in is God, Homeland and Family. We believe that our rights and duties come from and through Creation; we believe that Family and Nation are the fundamental structures of our common existence and that loyalty, faith, and love are the essential values of our communities.

Hungarian and American conservative organizations have already done much to unite conservative forces internationally, and this Agreement between the Center for Fundamental Rights and the New York Young Republican Club is the next step forward. The cooperation between our organizations goes back many years, and by signing this Agreement, we resolve to formally reaffirm our joint efforts to make Western Civilization, based on Judeo-Christian culture, and the transatlantic conservative relationship even stronger – for “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Budapest, February 22nd, 2023

Miklós Szánthó
Director General, The Center for Fundamental Rights

Gavin Wax
President, New York Young Republican Club