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Partnership with Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend Österreich

By May 17, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club and the Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend Österreich (Freedom Youth of Austria) are proud to announce the formation of a partnership between the two organizations. Together, we will promote cultural exchange between our respective members and celebrate our shared heritage—New York is home to the largest community of Austrian descent in the United States.

Founded on the principles of shared national interest, this partnership will enhance the transatlantic dialogue on and enable collaborative effort in support of key values impacting young people, including:

  • Protection of our local cultures and Western culture at large from the devastation of globalism and the subjugation of our cultures to other systems of belief
  • Ending illegal immigration undertaken with the interest of eradicating the traditional people of a land and stopping the false declarations of refugee status by economic migrants
  • Ending politically motivated lockdowns and vaccination mandates that devastate economies and cater to the interests of the most radical agents of social control

We believe that the best interests of a people are served by looking to its heritage and origin, embracing its history, and building for a future that echoes the best actions and personalities of its past.

The New York Young Republican Club is the oldest and largest Young Republican club in the United States, with a heritage dating to 1856. Today, it is the most vocal America First organization operating in the New York Metropolitan Area, and it sets the trend for innovation in young adult outreach supporting local, state, and federal political candidates.

Ring Freiheitlicher Jugend Österreich serves as the youth wing of Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Youth of Austria) and has chapters in each Austrian state. It has launched successful media campaigns that appeal to young Austrians by building pride in the distinctive nature of their heritage.