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Pardon Sgt. Daniel Perry

By April 8, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club calls on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to pardon Sgt. Daniel Perry, whom a Soros-back prosecutor charged with and whom a skewed and leftist jury convicted of murder on Friday.

Sgt. Perry was driving an Uber when a crowd of protestors surrounded it; over twenty sets of fingerprints were lifted from his car on all sides. In that melee, one protestor, Garrett Foster, lifted an AK-47 towards Sgt. Perry. Sgt. Perry, fearing for his life, took appropriate measure to neutralize this threat.

Our Club has tremendous respect for First Amendment rights, and we unequivocally endorse Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms and to defend themselves when threatened. Protesting in a road is not smart. Protesting in a road while carrying a rifle is stupid. Protesting in a road while carrying a rifle and raising that rifle towards a driver whom the crowd of which one is a part has surrounded is the height of stupidity.

In the so-called 2020 “Summer of Love,” our nation was riven with “Black Lives Matter” protests which destroyed property and resulted in numerous deaths, including instances which our Club previously condemned. Authorities, particularly those in Democrat-controlled cities, opted not to provide security to their residents. Their abrogation of responsibility placed heightened need on individuals to defend themselves. Such was the case with Sgt. Perry.

The aforementioned facts were recognized by the authorities; however, despite a consensus that Sgt. Perry need not be charged with a crime, Soros-backed Travis County District Attorney nonetheless pursued a murder charge. The leftist population of Austin, Texas does not lend itself to making objective and fact-based decisions on critical issues such as shootings. Inevitably, such a jury is stocked with “Black Lives Matter” boosters chomping at the bit to crack down on someone who, as the prosecutor made clear, harbored no sympathies to that organization.

Soros-backed prosecutors are a stain on local judicial systems across the United States. It is time for governors to avail themselves of the powers vested in them to grant clemency when the courts have been used to do Soros’s bidding.

This is not a moment for fundraising emails and pearl-clutching over injustice; Sgt. Perry deserves justice from a red state governor in the face of blue city tyranny. We firmly encourage Governor Abbott to rise to the occasion. If not now, when?