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Opposition to the relief of Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier

By June 1, 2021No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club strongly opposes the relief of Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier from his Space Force Command. Lt. General Stephen Whiting relieved Lt. Colonel Lohmeier of his command for what was quoted as a loss of confidence in Lt. Colonel Lohmeier’s leadership due to recent comments about the incursion of Marxism into the ranks of the United States military made public by Lohmeier.

Considering the danger and historical genocide committed in the name of Marxism, the New York Young Republican Club joins an increasing number of U.S. Senate and House Republicans in demanding the immediate reinstatement of Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier to his command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron, Buckley AFB, Colorado, barring any UCMJ violations not available to the public. 

The United States military holds a time-honored tradition of allowing its Officer Corps the right and capability to criticize current, future, and former military mission, action, code, law, and tactics. Failure to allow officers to criticize unclassified information publicly is the primary means by which some of history’s most oppressive regimes were able to cultivate a military capable of gross human rights violations and loyalty to commanders over constitutions. Our men and women in uniform swear an oath to the United States Constitution; if Lt. General Stephen Whiting, Space Operations Command commander, believes Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier was in violation of UCMJ, then all lawful avenues should be instituted to determine the scope and guilt of the infraction. However, the abrupt relief of Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier without due process is an obvious politicization of the rights duly given to the Lt. General and represents a breach of faith in military order, command and control, and the inherent rights given to oath takers of the constitution, and international military law (namely Nuremburg Principle IV). 

Furthermore, Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier is bringing to light a frightening undermining of the American military’s culture, mission, and command and control. The radicalization of the military towards communism, a political ideology in opposition to the principles of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence, should be a wake-up call to our leaders of the current disintegration of our military’s readiness and lethality. The United States has declared Marxist ideology to be directly in violation of human rights laid out by our nation’s most legally binding documents. Marxism is responsible for the mass enslavement and genocide of Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many other peoples in the 20th century. We cannot forget the atrocities and suffering committed in the name of Marxism. Eradication and punishment of Marxist radicals committing UCMJ violations should be a top priority of military and public leaders.