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One Year After the Fall of Kabul – Statement from a Post-9/11 Veteran

By August 15, 2022No Comments

One year ago today, Kabul fell and the Taliban completed its takeover of Afghanistan.

13 US service members died in the tumult of the fall of Afghanistan, bringing an ignominious end to the two-decade-long war’s final hours. Hundreds of American citizens were left behind in Afghanistan, and, today, many remain unaccounted for.

Each of these facts alone is enough to make August 15, 2021 one of the most tragically shameful moments in US foreign policy history.

But it was the callous indifference from Joe Biden—his statements that “that was four or five days ago”, his refusal to take any responsibility, and the naked exposure of his campaign lies on governing with accountability—that made this one of the most shameful moments in the history of American foreign policy.

Since then, credible deterrence has been lost, Communist China and the Russian Federation are emboldened and adopting aggressive posture, and no one fears Joe Biden or takes him seriously.

But hey, at least we don’t have mean tweets, right?