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NYYRC’s Response to DirecTV’s Anti-American Activities

By February 5, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club condemns AT&T subsidiary DirecTV’s decision to de-platform Newsmax. We embrace the fundamental American values of freedom of speech and association, and the spirit of the open free market. DirecTV’s actions, as an operator in an unduly concentrated market, defy these values.

DirecTV has an established history of authoritarian, anti-American activities. Within the past year, it also deplatformed One America News Network. The cabal of globalist technocrats who aspire to homogenize public opinion and dismantle freedom worldwide have their sights on free thinking outlets like Newsmax. DirecTV has become a tool of their larger project.

DirecTV’s claim that this decision was based on financial terms seems unfounded because Newsmax was not charging them for the privilege of carrying the content. There must be another explanation; our chauvinistic overlords correctly recognize that the mainstream discussion of conservative ideals is the greatest threat to their creeping anti-human global order. Their latest censorship of a conservative-leaning outlet is a cowardly admission of this fact.

Hundreds of thousands of customers are rightly canceling their subscriptions to AT&T services like DirecTV in response to the anti-American behavior of DirecTV executives. After announcing last month that it will be laying off 10% of its management personnel, we would think DirecTV and AT&T investors would prefer to avoid alienating large swathes of the American public.

The New York Young Republican Club commends Newsmax for drawing attention to DirecTV’s misdeeds, and we call for a serious review of the centralized and oligarchic broadcast media industry. For far too long, the content shoved in our faces has been defined by far too few people. It is time to put an end to this. The New York Young Republican Club takes the position that when the Republican party is in power, such monopolies shall be broken up and brought to heel under the force of law.