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NYYRC Voter Guide for the 2022 Midterm Election

By November 5, 2022No Comments

The Democrat Party, led by its progressive wing, desires to move this country de jure or de facto past the Constitutional form and structure of our current government to complete the work and vision first set down by Woodrow Wilson, who saw the U.S. Constitution as an outdated hindrance most days. Our system is a federal system, which divides power between the federal government and our union of States, this is what Republicans young and old support. Progressive Democrats on the other hand prefer a unitary system where power comes from Washington DC and the states are mere “districts.” This Hunger Games vision of our future is not in keeping with America’s culture, history, and philosophy. And it is a road to serfdom.

This Election Primer for the all-important midterm election on Tuesday, November 8th addresses the four ballot proposals facing New York City voters. “Progressive” Democrats view democratization as an endlessly onward and upward trajectory, no matter what nuance exists or what reality shows. In this preference, Democrats view ballot proposals and referendums as always “good.” While Republicans are not opposed to the idea of ballot proposals in theory, in practice, we find that they are often a runaway train to nowhere. Therefore, with the explanations below, we must dissent and encourage everyone to vote NO on Ballot Proposals 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the polls this fall.

Statewide Ballot Proposal 1 — Clean Water, Clean Air, And Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022 

Our View: No

New York City and State face a growing fiscal crisis. We cannot allow the national Democrat Party to keep winning elections to bail out the City and State to hide this fact. Nowhere is this fiscal mismanagement seen than in the unnecessary boondoggle spending of green jobs that don’t materialize, the bureaucracy that grows, and high-speed rail projects like the one in California that lead to nowhere and never appear at all. As of this writing, communist China produces more pollution and carbon emissions than the entire Western Hemisphere. It is now a matter of National Security that we stop letting Democrats mandate the intentional winding down of civilization in pursuit of a Great Reset and World Economic Forum-driven tyrannical agenda.

We support the preservation and conservation of the natural world, and one need only look to the legacy of Republican Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon over the climate alarmism and nihilism present today to say we have not moved an inch from that legacy of conservation.

We will build civilization, conserve the beautiful natural world, and be happy.

Citywide Ballot Proposal 1 — Add a Statement of Values to Guide Government 

Our View: No

In theory, this could be a good idea. A preamble to the New York City Charter, like the preamble to the U.S. Constitution itself, could serve as a valuable and necessary mission statement for this City. However, given the language of this proposed preamble, we would rather have nothing than continue to lie to New Yorkers.

Here are the facts: under one-party Democrat governance, New York City is the most economically unequal City in the country after Washington D.C. itself. In part, wokeness and “progressivism” is driven by this stunning disconnect between purported values and actual societal outcomes. Our streets are unclean and unsafe, our City budget is a mess, and under “progressive” dominance, the City Council hosts meetings that are nothing more than woke-a-thons. While crime is up year after year, month after month, they discuss bike lanes and climate change.

The preamble to the Constitution states in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States. 

A preamble of this sort is needed for this City, not a woke screed like the one proposed.

Citywide Ballot Proposal 2 — Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission
Our View: No 

On the matter of race and race relations, home ownership is now far more attainable in the South and Midwest of the United States—regions the cultural elites continually disparage for voting wrong and being moral lessers—than in New York City.

As with so many other issues, less talk, less wokeness, and more performance are needed in our City. This proposal fails all three tests.

Citywide Ballot Proposal 3 — Measure the True Cost of Living 

Our View: No

While it is tempting to use proposal 4 to show how truly inadequate the City is in outcomes regarding proposals 1 through 3, we fear based on past instances of such proposals that it would just be used to funnel more money into projects and proposals that do not yield results.

We can capture data on the cost of living through what is already out there. The City is obligated to produce myriad reports already, and before too long we’ll just be a government of issuing reports rather than keeping states safe and clean, small businesses unburdened and having a chance to survive and thrive again, and getting our fiscal house in order.

“Progressives”, with these proposals and in their policies attempting to govern this City, aim to build a utopian skyscraper. They refuse to acknowledge that the Civilization and Civil Society that supports them, the bedrock, is turning into quicksand before our eyes.

Vote No, Vote No, Vote No, and Vote No.

Our Endorsed Candidates

Method of Voting Recommendation: either Early Vote at the Polls and Volunteer for GOTV and Canvassing on Election Day or vote in person on Election Day. If you are military, consider the mail-in option if one of those two options is not feasible.

For Congress —

U.S. House candidates in your relevant district: straight-ticket Republican, with particular attention put to NYYRC endorsed candidates  Joe Kent for Congress (WA-3), Elizabeth Joy for Congress (NY-20), Colin Schmitt for Congress (NY-18), Mike Lawler for Congress (NY-17), Claudia Tenney for Congress (NY-24), Marc Molinaro for Congress (NY-19), George Santos for Congress (NY-3), Anthony D’Esposito for Congress (NY-4), Benine Hamdan for Congress (NY-10), and Billy Prempeh for Congress (NJ-9).

U.S. Senate for the State of New York, NYYRC endorsed candidate and member Joe Pinion.

For Statewide Offices —

For Governor of New York, Lee Zeldin.

For Lt. Governor of New York, Alison Esposito.

For the Attorney General of New York, NYYRC endorsed candidate and member Michael Henry.

For State Comptroller, NYYRC endorsed candidate and member Paul Rodriguez.

For State Senate – Republican, with particular attention put to NYYRC endorsed candidates and members Stefano Forte for New York State Senate (SD-11), Vito LaBella for New York State Senate (SD-17), and Brian Fox for New York State Senate (SD-26).

For State Assembly – straight-ticket Republican with particular attention put to NYYRC endorsed candidates and members Dmitriy Kugel for New York State Assembly (AD-47), Brian Maher for New York State Assembly (AD-101), Joseph Maffia for New York State Assembly (AD-75), and Lester Chang for New York State Assembly (AD-49).

Note: if there are no Republicans on your ballot for specific offices, write in yourself or your favorite NYYRC member in the write-in box. Good luck and let’s Save New York and Save America, and let Tuesday be but a new beginning.