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NYYRC Stands with Jose Alba and New Yorkers’ Right to Self-Defense

By July 8, 2022No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club stands fully behind Jose Alba and his right to self-defense. We applaud the statement of support and advocacy issued by the Common Sense Caucus on the New York City Council.

We are all Jose Alba. Every last New Yorker can be attacked at any moment in this city, which Bill de Blasio, Eric Adams and other Democrats have rendered a dystopia. First, the Democrats said to defund the police. Then, when they saw the polling and the election was in the rearview mirror, they shifted tactics and continued to demoralize the police and move to defund indirectly.

With every shooting and mass murder come meaningless calls for more so-called “gun control” in one of the strictest jurisdictions for firearm ownership in the country.

Progressive DA’s like Alvin Bragg refuse to follow the law and operate turnstile Justice for violent criminals.

Now, faced with a clear case of self defense against a crazed maniac, Bragg and his sordid team have moved with haste to levy obscene charges intended to instill in New Yorkers a fear of defending oneself against violent criminals. A young mother taken from her child in the middle of the day. Bodega owners—a staple New York small business, as the progressives pathetically whined last week—disrespected and ignored while criminals are elevated.

The New York Young Republican Club calls for Bragg to respect New Yorkers’ right to self-defense, for a stepped up police presence throughout the City, and for everyone reading this statement to flood the NYPD with applications for conceal carry and other firearm permits. It begins there. And it moves toward getting our streets organized and making the criminals fear us again.

New Yorkers: it’s your vote and it’s your lives. Vote like your lives depend on it because they do. Defend yourself within the law and as the law says, and support people Jose Alba and all those who stand in defense of life and property and against lawlessness and anarchy.