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NYYRC Stands with Councilwoman Vickie Paladino

By March 14, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club stands with Councilwoman Vickie Paladino against the Democrat cancel mob. There is no justification for banishing the Councilwoman from the chamber’s mental health committee following her common sense objections to the state’s taxpayer-funded child-grooming, otherwise known as Drag Queen Story Hour.

Who would’ve thought opposing the sexualization of children would render someone unfit for polite society? 

The Left continues to stand on the wrong side of history, repeating the tactics of their heroes–the world’s most ruthless communist dictators and their spring-loaded followers. 

We must ask–why are Leftists so adamant on shoving sex issues in front of children before they can even spell their own names? Why are they so defensive of this creepy practice of parading grown men, scantily clad in women’s lingerie in front of little boys and girls? What is so important about these bizarre rituals that the Left knee-jerk excommunicates anyone who raises a mere question over this? What relation do drag queens and reading to children have, other than sexually confusing kids? The irony is we’re talking about a mental health committee. 

The Left is virtue signaling so hard, they are willing to sacrifice their own children to sexual predators just so they can feel morally superior. 

Increasingly, the Republican Party is the party of parents. We stand resolute behind the principle of protecting our families, our children, and our future, and we stand with Councilwoman Paladino.