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NYYRC Stands with Canadian Truckers’ “Freedom Convoy”

By January 29, 2022No Comments

Canada’s truckers are making their voices heard, despite the corporate media blackout, on the impact of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical CCP Virus mandates and other police state measures. The heart of their movement is a worker-led revolt against an ever-encroaching Socialist-lite regime which believes that elites can force workers to comply with overbearing regulations. By leveraging their power over the supply chain of Canada and North America, Canadian truckers have amplified their voices into a political force. This Canadian movement is similar to what is underway in the United States as ever-increasing numbers of citizens declare that they are fed up with the government telling them what to do.           

The New York Young Republican Club has stood against CCP Virus vaccine mandates since the government first publicly considered them for several important reasons. First,the novel form of RNA vaccine is not only experimental but also has not withstood long-term clinical trials. Second, we contend that the individual must have control over their own health decisions. The third being the risk of complications. For many specific populations, including adolescent and teenage boys and particularly young men, the risk of complications from the CCP Virus vaccine such as myocarditis and pericarditis could outweigh any potential benefit of the vaccine. Finally, the efficiency of the vaccine in preventing transmission is known to be non-existent. The New York Metropolitan Area has one of the highest vaccine rates in the world; nevertheless, the city was still hit especially hard by the Omnicron variant. 

We proudly stand with the Canadian truckers and call on politicians on both sides of the border to heed their cries and stop the mandates. Let people live or die by the consequences of their actions; the meddling hand of the State need have no role in these affairs.