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NYYRC Stands with Auto Workers & Calls for Broad Trade Union Realignment

By September 16, 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club stands in solidarity with the striking United Auto Workers and further calls for broad realignment of union membership along manual skilled labor lines. Like so many groups, organized labor stands at a crossroads: they can continue alignment with the Democrats, who have not delivered for them in years and will drive them to extinction in service of internationalist interests, or they can join populist Republicans in support of American workers and interests. 

For years, Democrats and neocons have backed policies of outsourcing, so-called “free trade”, and climate alarmism that has no plan for auto workers or any other skilled American who works in the trades. Elites have forgotten that a country is more than its GDP; skilled work has tangible value and is necessary to the orderly functioning of any society.

Joe Biden is no friend to organized labor! He likes to take pictures with firefighters, talk about Scranton, and lie about his humble origins. But he and his team are Obama Democrats, not Truman or Kennedy Democrats. Their financial interests are invariably aligned against the working man. 

UAW and so many other union members have been consistently betrayed by corrupt leadership which is supposed to represent them. To all who believe in the dignity of work and a fair wage for honest work reading this: we are with you! And we care not what the Chamber of Commerce, Aspen Institute, or World Economic Forum says. Just like your union leadership, the donor class of the Republican Party consistently screws over the base of patriotic, loyal, hard-working, and God-fearing Americans. 

The time has come to draw a line between skilled, private-sector unions like UAW and public-sector paper-pushers on the government dole. A UAW allied with SEIU and NEA, who ceaselessly advocate shoving porn in the faces of children, has no future no matter who wins elections. But a UAW membership, in tandem with others, realigning and entering a coalition of convenience and partnership with the rising zeitgeist of the time will win. We the People will prevail. We must come together and realize that our interests are more aligned than either of us is with the globalists.

The economics are right and the timing is right; a populist movement needs strong, intact families. They must be able to participate in an industrial economy organized around the real needs of American citizens, families, and communities. Workers and the membership interests of unions like UAW are a critical component of that system. 

President Trump’s first term was just the prelude. Agenda 47 will be the continuing story, and the New York Young Republican Club is proud to stand alongside Senator JD Vance and others supporting UAW workers. 

We’re with you because, like us, you represent the American people and rightly prioritize their interests!