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NYYRC Stands Against City-Sponsored Child Grooming

By March 17, 2023No Comments

Letitia James has assembled a motley cohort of anti-American and anti-human elected officials to celebrate the sexualization of children and the degradation of the traditional family. These officials revel in the opportunity to spit in their constituents’ faces and abuse taxpayer-funded services to destroy young lives.

We call for the protection of children from adults intent on grooming them, including perverted parents who bring them to adult presentations. Children are not an ornament to leverage for social cachet; adults should know better, and we overtly question the motives of any who do not.

We are committed to protecting children and identifying those elected officials who oppose such efforts. We draw particular attention to New York City Council Member Chi Osse, whom we have requested on Twitter multiple times to condemn the alleged sexual deviants William Zulock and Zachary Zulock. Unfortunately, Mr. Osse has declined to take a position on these abusers or their heinous crimes, including the rape of and production of child pornography featuring the Zulocks’ adopted children.