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NYYRC Responds to President Joe Biden’s Second State of the Union

By February 8, 2023No Comments

Last night, Joe Biden reminded us of the dangers that arise when a populace votes on vague notions of likability rather than on policies rooted in American philosophy, history, and culture.

While we were pleased that Biden dropped the dystopian theatrics of his infamous red backdrop and refrained from declaring half the country enemies of the State, reality stands that he delivered a vision aligned with the worst impulses of the Democrats’ globalism-promoting establishment and the “woke” revolution.

Biden has failed to deliver a return to normalcy and a pre-COVID economy. During his final State of the Union address, President Donald J. Trump presided over a nation with plentiful jobs, organic real wage growth, low inflation and falling costs of living for families and households.  Biden has squandered those successes. He has mired our nation in high inflation, with falling real wages and a shrinking labor force. While illegal aliens invade us and steal jobs from our people, ever more Americans drop out of the labor force and adopt the ignominious title of welfare queens and over-credentialed, under-employed, coastal coffee-shop sitters.

Biden again failed to account for his embarrasing and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, which recalled the fall of Saigon, and he offered no indication that he will avert the emergence of severe conflict with the Russian Federation. In fact, the very agenda that he celebrated has induced the collective West to prop up a corrupt regime in Kiev; Biden and his administration make blunt decisions and show no care for the requisite balance of competing views incumbent on global actors. This folly will not end in peace as he continues to fan its flames. He also failed to address the provocative Chinese spy balloon that he permitted to traverse the entire Continental United States.

When President Trump last addressed a joint session of Congress, before the plague attacked us from the East and handed the Deep State an unparalleled opportunity to subdue Freedom, our nation was on an upswing. Absent a media landscape, President Trump would have been heralded for his tremendous success. Today, even with a freneticly sycophantic media lauding his every utterance, Biden failes to come close to achieving this unity of national purpose.

Last night, Joe Biden restrained himself; he managed to make a speech without expressing anger and outright vilifying swathes of American citizens. And he got through it by pushing numerous misleading and out-of-context facts and figures. But it was too little, too late, for American pocketbooks, for American border and national security, and, most saddening of all, for the American spirit, which needs a boost from a true cheerleader.