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NYYRC Responds To Cuomo’s Attacks

By December 1, 2020No Comments

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office recently issued the following statement on the New York Young Republican Club’s 108th Annual Gala: 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a young Republican, old Democrat, or middle-aged Independent — in New York, non-essential gatherings like this are limited to no more than 50 people, and anyone traveling from a non-contiguous state must follow New York’s travel advisory rules, including protocols for quarantining or testing. Remember: we are already facing a dangerous nationwide surge in COVID cases that is threatening to overwhelm hospital capacity and everyone needs to do their part to stop the spread.”

Our response to the Governor is simple: 

“We find it hilarious that Governor Cuomo felt the need to comment on the New York Young Republican Club’s 108th Annual Gala. He loves to scapegoat political rivals for his own ineptitude and corruption. We prefer to not take pointers from a guy who can’t keep our elderly and our most vulnerable safe from this pandemic. The fact remains the Cuomo administration had the single worst response to the pandemic compared to any other state. This is based on both case counts and death counts and on the economic devastation wrought by his unscientific policies. Our event will be conducted to the letter of the law, and we will observe all necessary and proper safety precautions with our guests. We have been planning this Gala for a year and, unlike Governor Cuomo, we are not amateurs.”