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NYYRC Congratulates the Italian People on Their Historic Election Today

By September 25, 2022No Comments

Europe today sits restlessly as intersecting crises testify to the failure of left-wing governments across the continent. Tonight, another European nation, Italy, chose to change course.

The New York Young Republican Club congratulates the Italian people on making their voices heard and the Brothers of Italy’s Giorgia Meloni on a sound victory that will see her appointed the nation’s next Prime Minister.

We do not doubt that gaslighting and fear mongering Western media will minimize this victory in the days and weeks ahead. They will lie about the impact this victory for Italian nationhood holds for that noble people.

Deep down, though, the press knows that it represents a crumbling and discredited order. We cannot and will not allow them to write off countries and peoples and movements which orient themselves toward greatness and building a future that is national and populist, and free.

The top-down visions from Washington to Brussels to Davos have failed; voters worldwide will reject them and replace them with a grassroots and values-driven vision. The New York Young Republican Club looks forward to playing a positive and constructive role in building relationships that seek to replace the Internationalist order with a network that upholds the integrity of borders, the rights of citizens, and the historical role and value of the nation-state.