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NYYRC Applauds Introduction of City Retiree Legislation

By June 24, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club commends the members of the New York City Council who have introduced legislation to restore the City’s commitment to over 250,000 retirees. New York City’s direction heretofore, as we have previously noted, is problematic. We applaud the sponsors of this legislation, Intro 1099, which aims to right our collective course by requiring the City to offer its retirees health plans with benefits equivalent to or better than those available to city retirees and their dependents as of December 31, 2021.

At this juncture, there are twelve co-sponsors to Intro 1099, including Councilwoman Vernikov and Councilwoman Paladino, both active members of the New York Young Republican Club. We are proud that we previously endorsed and supported campaign efforts for these critical members of the Council. This weekend, the Club will again campaign for the re-election for Councilwoman Vernikov and many other Republican candidates this primary and general election. We look forward to increasing the Republican delegation in the Council after what has been another tumultuous year of decline for New York City. We know that our efforts will continue to build the coalitional framework necessary to turn t our city around.

Republicans and Democrats came together to introduce that opposes a plan supported by Mayor Eric Adams and UFT president Michael Mulgrew. Intro 1099 now has twelve co-sponsors, and its introduction has already received threats from DC37’s labor boss Henry Garrido. The New York Daily News noted that the executive director of the city’s largest municipal workers’ union floated a political retribution proposal that would pull endorsements and funding from Council Members (all Democrats) who support Intro 1099, saying “I think we’re gonna have to draw the line in the sand, and I’m prepared to do that.” Indeed. The New York Young Republican Club is similarly dedicated to drawing lines and making it clear that we present a genuine alternative to corrupt practices.

Try as Adams and other Democrats might, they cannot make New York City a “sanctuary” for all; taxpaying citizens who are leaving, families who are disenrolling and moving elsewhere, children who experienced massive learning loss, seniors who are vulnerable to crime, and retirees vulnerable to uncaring and unqualified politicians all suffer from the boot of establishment and leftist regimes.

We need to make New York City Great Again by rejecting this city-state of delusion and restoring the City of Dreams. Intro 1099 takes a step in that direction, and we look forward to following its progress.