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NY Democrats Try and Cosplay Their Glory Years with “Fair Deal” Line Rebrand

By April 25, 2022No Comments

Reeling from two sudden statewide resignations, a failing national administration, and a municipal civic polity that votes at rates lower than the Mendoza Line, it is understandable that New York Democrats want to take a trip down memory lane by usurping Harry Truman’s “Fair Deal” messaging, which he launched after his historical come-from-behind win in 1948. But President Truman would barely recognize what the party of Jefferson and Jackson has turned into.

One-party state Democrat policies have left a generation of children behind and failed to protect seniors. The standard liberal Democrat line of compassion once focused on support for people at the beginning of life and those in twilight of it; now, Democrats for muzzles on young children and suffocate seniors in nursing homes. Today, Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy would not even recognize their party.

New York’s recovery from these authoritarian policies lags other states, unemployment in New York is higher than most states, and even before the pandemic, New York was near the bottom in tax climate and in business friendliness. The lockdowns were particularly harsh on our small businesses, which were forced to shutter and implement state dictates while big box stores stayed open and made record profits. New York Democrats have had one-party control with no one to stop their utopia attempt for years here in New York City and State. More and more spending does not yield results, but it creates more entrenched interests and a machine catered to special interests.

New York Democrats under Andrew Cuomo, Kathy Hochul, and Jay Jacobs, and City Mayors Bill de Blasio and now Eric Adams have presided over a state and city where crime rates are up due to numerous poor decisions and ridiculous COVID policies that shut cities down, obscene restrictions on bail, and the election of progressive DA’s intent on ruining quality of life in pursuit of nebulous objectives. The COVID policies did not yield results as the state had some of the highest deaths per capita in the nation. At the same time, Democrats under temporary Saint Cuomo received no major scrutiny from the media for establishing policies that killed countless seniors in nursing homes at the height of the pandemic and simultaneously devastated the state’s economy. Jacobs and company have read the internal polling, and in a one-party state they have no one to blame but themselves. Now they’re scrambling and re-branding. But we’re not buying it.

There is nothing fair and just about the modern politics of the Democrat Party. They have abandoned the working and middle classes, and it is time for all Americans, Republicans, Independents, and ancestral Democrats, to realize that they will never get a fair deal from the Democrats. Instead, it’s time to revisit another historic “Deal” and to vote for a Square Deal from the party of the Union and the party that has preserved Liberty. In the coming months, the New York Young Republican Club, where the party’s future meets and is inspired by the past—will roll out a populist and patriotic platform for the City, State, and Country in the 2020s and onward. Stay tuned!