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No Holds Barred in Stonewalling Breyer’s Replacement

By January 27, 2022No Comments

Not too long ago, Left-Wing Guerilla Warfare groups like Demand Justice, funded by Dark-Money Arabella Advisors, launched a personal smear campaign against Justice Kavanaugh. That effort peaked with the issuance of threats against numerous senators, including Senator Susan Collins, who voted for Kavanaugh. A deranged liberal man followed the mid-60-year-old to her door, yelling and pointing a flashlight in her face in the middle of the night. This on top of rape and death threats that led to a hazmat team being called to her house in rural Maine. Senator Collins was fine, and the circus-like atmosphere that surrounded the High Court for weeks actually helped Republicans in the end. 

The bloodthirsty and baseless attacks that the Left unleashed energized our base, who know the importance of the Federal Courts, and led the Republican Party to retain our Senate Majority in the 2018 Midterms despite losing the House. Moderate Democrat incumbents lost across the board in North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri, and Florida; many of these Democrats were popular in their states and were expected to win before the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings changed the game. Issues like abortion, gun rights, and religious freedom, fueled non-partisan Conservatives, who have voted for either party in the past, to vote straight-ticket Republican. This was as the attention of the contentious nomination process highlighted how Democrats abandoned moderate stances on the issues and on treating people they disagree with, with dignity. As such, it would behoove Republicans to fight no holds barred to stonewall Breyer’s replacement. 

Biden will almost certainly nominate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. She has the bona fides, being a Harvard Law alum and currently a DC Circuit Judge, while also being a black female. (For those who may not remember, Biden previously said he would only nominate a black female to the court for his first nomination, making her race and sex/gender—if there is a difference anymore in the Democrats’ minds—her most qualifying characteristics.) Is Justice Jackson a left-wing radical? Obviously. Is she particularly qualified? Not at all. Does any of this matter? No. Fighting over the future Justice Jackson will be a tightrope for the Republicans on the Senate Judicial Committee, who are all white men except Marsha Blackburn. While the Fake News Media will surely play into the race and woman cards, what Republicans should do is highlight the issues while not making the hearings personal. 

As the Democrats knew in Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings, berating a woman does not play well on TV before an important election—that is why they toned down the nature of their attacks compared to what they did to Kavanaugh. While Republicans need to fight, they must make sure to not make it too nasty as Democrats did with Kavanaugh. Is it unfair compared to what the Democrats did to Kavanaugh? Yes, but it is worth it for a Republican Senate Majority that can slam the brakes on each and every one of Biden’s judicial nominations and legislative plans after the Midterms. There are numerous issues that fall within the Supreme Court’s domain which Republicans can focus on, where they win by large margins, including vaccine mandates, election integrity laws, and immigration. This is irrespective of more controversial social issues such as abortion and gun rights, which can galvanize the base for the Midterms if Senate Republicans can finally get it together and fight. If Senate Republicans can keep voters’ attention on the issues, it would pay dividends in competitive Senate races this year in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.