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New York Young Republican Club Disavows Statements of Texas Young Republican National Committeeman

By April 14, 2023No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club unequivocally rejects and disavows the genocidal statements of Texas Young Republican National Committeeman Matthew Wiltshire.

In an unhinged late-night screed posted to his Twitter account, National Committeeman Wiltshire likened the growing populist base of the GOP to “Arab Spring” protestors, lamenting that they are a “cancer” that must be “excise[d]” from the party. This disgusting language has no place whatsoever in public discourse. To be clear, it is never appropriate for anyone to liken any group to a cancer that must be excised. This grotesque rhetoric is especially unbecoming when directed from a Young Republican National Committeeman to fellow Republicans. Matthew’s conduct is antithetical to the welcoming “big tent” mantra of the Young Republican National Federation, something he sheepishly acknowledges in his missive as being nefariously used against him.

Rhetoric aside, facts belie Matthew’s underlying premise. The burgeoning populist wing of the GOP base has directly contributed to the party’s recent successes, including record numbers in voter registration, primary participation, and election day turnout. In New York, we were privileged to witness first-hand how populist energy and involvement made a difference in races otherwise written-off by many.

Sadly, Matthew admits that he is proud to have “fought against these people” he labels as “insurgents.” Perhaps if Matthew had spent more time trying to rally together and work alongside “these people” rather than fighting to excise them as cancers, he may have found himself with more friends within his tent.

But, alas!

John M. Kyriakides
National Committeeman, NYSYR
NYYRC Fundraising Chairman

Ilana A. Marcus
National Committeewoman, NYSYR
NYYRC Corresponding Secretary