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Merchan Made His Bed; Now Let Him Lie in It.

By May 30, 2024No Comments

Never before has this happened. It’s official: we live in a banana republic. Joe Biden has become the first President of the United States to imprison a political opponent.

The history of American jurisprudence is marked by lows. Today’s verdict and the case which led to it will be remembered for their blatant partisan nature and their dogged pursuit of Donald J. Trump.

What motivates Colombia-born Judge Juan Merchan to attack Trump, to exclude and accept arbitrarily testimony on political merits, to instruct the jury in ridiculous contortions, is clear: he HATES the traditional American system and instead relishes its replacement by a leftist utopian vision. 

Real Americans will not be fooled by Merchan’s antics. We know who our champion is, and if Donald J. Trump has shown anything, it is that he relentlessly fights for our people and its interests.

Merchan has done Biden’s will. Let’s see how it plays out for them.