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Lock Gun-Toting Crazy Carroll Up!

By April 13, 2024No Comments

Recent attacks on President Donald J. Trump by activist prosecutors have shown that the enforcement of criminal and civil law has been totally politicized. No longer do statute and precedent guide prosecutorial discretion; in a world where Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis hold power, every American must recognize that his government might defy tradition to pursue him in novel ways.

The dogged pursuit of President Trump starkly contrasts with the sheer disinterest that prosecutors have shown toward ensuring legal accountability for one of his most pathetic opponents: washed-up “advice” columnist Crazy E. Jean Carroll.

After years of bragging to media publications about clinging to a loaded, illegal gun under the delusion that President Trump’s supporters posed a threat to her wellbeing, Crazy Carroll admitted the same under oath during cross examination in the course of a recent civil trial pertaining to allegations of impropriety by President Trump. Now, after police in Warwick, NY, where she lives in a cabin like a knock-off acolyte of Charles Manson, visited her to discuss “open issues,” Crazy Carroll has surrendered this illegal weapon.

While the police have positioned this surrender as voluntary, Crazy Carroll certainly did not decide ex nihilo to turn the illegal gun over. After years of keeping it in contravention of New York law, it seems that only the threat of prosecution led her to abandon it.

The New York Young Republican Club calls for prosecution of Crazy Carroll to the fullest extent of the law irrespective of precedent. While latitude and discretion should apply to regular people, Crazy Carroll has shown herself to be nothing more than a committed political actor who will leverage every opportunity to attack President Trump. She therefore deserves only the same in return.

Crazy Carroll must be arrested, perp walked, and subject to the full extent of criminal prosecution that she would wish on President Trump. She is a threat to her community and has a deleterious impact on national discourse; never forget the sick, delusional rape fantasies that she concocted and promulgated to poison others’ minds. She merits no sympathy, and we offer her none.