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Lefty Union “Leadership” Continues to Choose Partisan Politics over Advancing Membership Interests

By November 18, 2023No Comments

The Association of Legislative Employees (ALE) Union purporting to represent NYC Council staff shows in one tweet why organized labor has failed in America. Its leadership is overly political and puts partisan politics above the interests of its membership. Moreover, this leadership claims the mantle to speak for all. This is bullshit. 

Organized labor peaked in American life because its institutions become first the arms of a political party and now those of a radical successor ideology movement. 

Real, common-sense worker movements of patriotic Americans must emerge. They must stick to what they should be doing: fighting for the interests of their membership. 

Most City Council employees have not joined these Gen Z lefty losers. The majority might consider forming a rival union rather than let these imposters claim to speak for all.