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Latest Accusations Against Governor Cuomo

By February 25, 2021No Comments

Today, the New York Young Republican Club repeats its earlier call for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s immediate resignation or, in its absence, his immediate impeachment. We also call for a criminal investigation predicated on the allegations raised by Lindsey Boylan of his abhorrent workplace behavior.

As a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, Cuomo now joins the litany of outspoken leftists whose words belie their alleged actions. Boylan notes in her recent Medium post that Cuomo allegedly engaged in inappropriate physical and verbal behavior. He “would go out of his way to touch [her] on [her] lower back, arms and legs.” At one point, he compelled her to enter his otherwise unoccupied office after a holiday party. He propositioned her to play strip poker, and he created a culture in which she turned down a promotion to avoid interaction with him.

Cuomo’s hypocritical, very recent actions invalidate any shred of credibility that remained after he caused the death of myriad New Yorkers. He is a foul, corrupt, and abusive man who deserves no role in the public sphere.

However, while Democrats continue their witch hunts against President Donald J Trump, they live in fear of Cuomo and refuse to come out against him; we do not. We call on him to resign, legislators to impeach him, prosecutors to open criminal investigations into him, and Democrat organizations, including the Manhattan Young Democrats, to join us in our condemnation.