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Ketanji Brown Jackson – Radical activist who attacks pro-lifers & defends terrorists

By March 11, 2022March 12th, 2022No Comments

Joe Biden recently nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. As she is currently interviewing with Senators, the New York Young Republican Club feels it prudent to take a deep dive into her record. 

Jackson’s competency and suitableness for the Supreme Court is something that must be of focus during her confirmation hearings. For starters, she has spent less than one year on the D.C. Circuit, where she has written on very few cases. This presents a significant lack of credible experience. Even though she does have experience on the District Court in D.C., it must be recognized that the experience shows a lack of competency. She had over a 10% reversal rate in her District Court decisions, where her reversal rate was one of the highest on the District Court where she sat. Biden nominating her with such a high reversal rate is similar to making a C+ student the valedictorian.  

On top of incompetence, Jackson has shown herself to be a liberal activist. While on the D.C. District Court, she was part of the activist group of judges who actively resisted the Trump Administration. She blocked the Trump Administration’s fast-tracking of deportations of illegals, and she refused to refer to “illegal immigrants” as federal law states their legal status in the country to be: illegal. Jackson is a registered Democrat and she donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. During the 2008 presidential election, she worked as a poll monitor for Obama’s campaign. On election day, when Black Panthers intimidated voters outside of a Philadelphia polling site with weapons, Obama poll monitors and campaign lawyers did nothing to curb this injustice. You can make an educated guess where she stands on election integrity. 

Jackson’s activism also included siding with government bureaucrats, in a case subsequently overturned on appeal, based on procedural grounds that the federal courts didn’t have jurisdiction for this case. While it is striking that a Supreme Court nominee did not understand simple procedural rules, this example simply underscores her history of sheer and blatant incompetence. 

Jackson also lacks the character and moral conscience that an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court must hold. While in private practice, Jackson worked on an amicus brief for NARAL, a powerful pro-abortion lobbying group. Simplified, an amicus brief is a paper giving insight into an issue written by someone who is not a party in the case. Amicus briefs are intended to push the court to rule a certain way. The case in question regarded a Massachusetts state law that aimed to allow for a “floating buffer zone” around cars and people going to abortion mills. Buffer zone laws are meant to discourage pro-lifers from their sidewalk advocacy, which helps women choose life, by arresting these pro-lifers for exercising their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and religion. Other than the degree of radicalism it takes to assist a group that believes in murdering the unborn, it is shocking how easy it is for Jackson to actively advocate to reduce First Amendment rights for speech she does not agree with. This is pernicious territory for any judge, especially one who aims to play a role in the exercise of judicial review. Even though Jackson believes in stymieing the rights of Americans, she has no issue helping defend the rights of terrorists. In one shocking case Jackson took on during private practice, she defended Guantanamo Bay detainees. New Yorkers should be appalled of any judicial nominee who is willing to defend terrorists as we know first hand the true cost of terrorism. 

We call on members and supporters of the New York Young Republican Club to call their United States Senators to tell them to Vote NO on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation because radical activists do not belong on the highest court of the land.

Senator Schumer’s Washington D.C. office number: (202) 224-6542

Senator Gillibrand’s Washington D.C. office number: (202) 224-4451