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It’s Not the End of Trump; It’s the End of US

By June 8, 2023No Comments

The American Republic is dead. Tyrannical thugs beholden to corporate and internationalist interests have hijacked our justice system, and their decision to indict President Donald J. Trump on spurious federal charges underscores their commitment to weaponize it in unprecedented fashion.

Obsessive leftists, committed members of the Deep State cabal, have given away their playbook: they will scrape and contrive imaginary crimes to indict President Trump until he ceases to threaten the Establishment.

Unfortunately for the Left, President Trump has shown his mettle. He is deeply entrenched in support of the American people. In this trying time, our nation has no greater defender.

Joe Biden is a puppet of the globalist interests. His handlers scrape and manipulate to distort and obscure that the United States today is a banana republic.

Our vaunted “democracy” is dead; the Republic has perished.

While Biden Crime Family members operate with impunity—while hordes of invaders pour across our border to replace us—while Americans perish from deaths of despair, the elite interests maintain a singular focus on driving a knife hilt-deep into President Trump’s back.


Because they know, as do we all, that President Trump is our only force of retribution against their criminal activities. He fearlessly defends each American, making himself the willing target of these radicals, who will not hesitate to apply the full force of federal power on the average American when the opportunity appears.

Now is a time for action—for solidarity—and the New York Young Republican Club is steadfast in its position. We call on all Patriots to join us in condemnation of politicized Justice.

President Trump is an honest man, a tremendous father, a Patriot of the highest order, and the only presidential candidate who will deliver on a commitment to dismantle the criminal enterprise that today passes itself off as the American government.

Stand with us as we stand with him.