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Introducing the New York Young Republican Club Labor Caucus

By May 14, 2024No Comments

The New York Young Republican Club is proud to announce the launch of the Labor Caucus. The Republican Party, properly understood, has historically been the party of the American working class. For too long, however, greedy corporations and their D.C. shills have ruled over both parties with an iron grip, creating a sort of anti-worker duopoly in Washington. What’s more, a dangerous ideology of anti-unionism has cropped up in the libertarian flank of the GOP. These folks, like their colleagues in the cosmopolitan-centered Democratic Party, have abandoned workers, often with an air of condescension and white collar-superiority. The MAGA brigade and the New Right, conversely, firmly believe that blue-collar workers and physical laborers of all sorts are the spine of American society. Without them, we would literally crumble as a nation.

Unlike the high-brow country-clubbers of years past, the Labor Caucus does not look at unions merely as a vessel for collectivism, but rather as a robust and productive tool for workers’ rights. With this in mind, we are proud and happy to welcome this new caucus as an important part of our Club for the years to come. We encourage Club membership who belong to unions to join, and union members who are not Club members to join the NYYRC. With this, it is important to understand the following: we are not “reimagining” the Republican Party; we are returning to its roots.