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Hochul Fails New Yorkers with Blizzard Non-Response

By December 29, 2022No Comments

Kathy Hochul’s response to the blizzard that struck Western New York this past week underscores our state’s need to move beyond one-party rule.

Hochul failed the most basic test of public service: protecting her citizens. On her watch, New Yorkers froze in their cars and in snow banks. Luckier ones huddled freezing at home with no power. And where was Hochul? Missing in action.

This storm was not a surprise. New York routinely deals with snowstorms, blizzards, and extreme winter weather. This time, though, the lack of preparedness of the New York State and Erie County governments resulted in an obscene number of deaths, and every impacted citizen should ascribe blame where it belongs: to the people elected to keep them, their loved ones, and their property safe.

Of course, Hochul and her cohort accept no responsibility. They ignore the looting and rampaging undertaken by criminals on their watch.

We extend our thoughts and prayers to those who perished, and we thank the men and women of the New York National Guard now on the scene. These citizen-soldiers are proof that there is nothing wrong with New York that cannot be solved by what is right with New York.

And what is wrong is New York’s corrupt and ideologically unhinged political class. New Yorkers will not soon forget the blood staining Hochul’s hands. We call for her immediate resignation over this abject failure of leadership.