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Help Save Stranded Americans In Afghanistan

By August 28, 2021No Comments

Nearly two decades after American men and women leaped to their deaths from the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks, Afghans who assisted the U.S. effort to fight the very forces who orchestrated 9/11 plummeted to their deaths as they clung onto the sides of overcrowded U.S. cargo planes scrambling out of Kabul. The juxtaposition of these images is now seared into the psyche of all Americans, but in the midst of this darkness, a coalition of veterans across several groups and organizations have given thousands of forgotten Americans, and Afghan allies hope.

In response to the madness the world witnessed, Army Week Association COO, Jen WilsonBryan Stern USN, and Matt Herring US Army, friends of NYYRC Member and Navy Veteran, Jason Loughran, built “Project Dynamo” a coalition of veterans groups that independently funded the opening of new northern escape routes for thousands of Americans and former Afghan interpreters and their families. This new “air branch” is an extension of the #DigitalDunkirk, a group of veterans who were being contacted for help by their former interpreters and other at-risk Afghans.

And now, every second counts for them because the Taliban plans to cut off all internet and cell phone communication with the outside world when American and NATO troops leave Aug. 31.

Today, we call on you to help support this effort by making a donation and sharing this with your friends and family using the link below.

Facebook Donation Page 

Thank you for supporting the NYYRC and the efforts we make to improve the lives of New Yorkers and Americans alike.